Lor'themar Theron, The Elf King

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Lor'themar Theron, The Elf King Empty Lor'themar Theron, The Elf King

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Lor'themar Theron:
Lor'themar Theron, The Elf King 991_max

Name: Lor'themar Theron

Race: Wood Elf

House: House Theron

Age: 70 (like all elves, appears 20 at this age)

Love Interest/Crush: His slain wife Veressa Windrunner. Now married to Jennifer Arkon

Role: Noble/Ranger

Appearance/ Clothes/ Equipment: Lor'themar has long blond hair down to his shoulders and light green eyes, one being covered by an eye-patch. He is quite strong and tall from 60 years of combat. He wears mostly red with small amount of green armor. The armor is very lightweight and fast due to him being a ranger. He also wields two black and orange long swords. They are very sharp and light which he uses to great effect. Also he wields a silvery bow and black arrows. The arrows are very sharp and can pierce armor with ease.
The Bow:
Lor'themar Theron, The Elf King Auriels_bow
(The Bow)
Due to being a ranger, he has a special pet. His pet is a large golden griffon barely big enough for him to ride. He sometimes wears red armor similar to Lor'themar's. The griffon follows him and would die for him if necessary.
The Griffon:
Lor'themar Theron, The Elf King Gryphon
(The Griffon)

Personality: He is very noble and will do anything for the sake of his people. He dabbles in magic but mainly relies on his blades, bow and pet. He is a very kind ruler to his people and a military genius. He is one of the most intelligent beings alive currently, second only to some goblins and draconians. He always has his own agenda in mind when he makes his decisions. He doesn't completely shut out relationships he just hasn't found a suitable replacement for his wife yet.

History: Lor'themar was born during the elf-troll war. His father, the current king died in battle making their a power hole. To fill this hole, the general Kael'thas Sunstrider took over as regent lord. The orginal plan was for Kael'thas to lead until Lor'themar came of age, but Kael'thas was power hungry. With his mom missing and father dead, Kael'thas was the only parent Lor'themar had. He grew up believing he was the adopted son of the king and that he was nothing special, but this is a lie. One day when he was sixteen and came back from the forest he met a mysterious hooded figure. The figure turned up to be his mother and gave him evidence he is the true elf king. To become king you had to be 14 but Kael'thas never actually told him he was king. In retaliation, Lor'themar challenged Kael'thas to a duel, winner controlling the kingdom. After a hard fought battle Lor'themar won and took his rightful place as king. Almost immediately after being put into power, the first orc wars began. Despite this sudden change, he maintained his kingdom and thrived, becoming an example to all other monarchs. Lor'themar fought in all of these wars and was always easing his people through it. By the time the first high king perished, Lor'themar decided to form a relationship with the humans, allowing his daughter to live with them for a few years. These two grew quite close in this time, Lor'themar being immersed in human culture, and the king's daughter being immersed in elf culture. In the modern day Lor'themar fully supports the high queen and his possible future lover

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