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Orc Leader Adytha Empty Orc Leader Adytha

Post by firefly on Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:43 pm

Name:Adytha Kaygorn



House: Delthora

Age: 23

Love/crush: She is open for dateing and marriage

Role: Berserker/Nobel

Appearance/ Clothes/ Equipment: Adytha wears heavy mail armor , it covers her neck and shoulders and most of her chest is har intrecut shadowlike filigree on it. It dosent cover her midsection she has horizontal chains that go acrost her belly. She also wears a short skirt like peace of armor that dosent cover much but has a long peace of read cloth that covers her to mid leg. Then she has boots with sharp spikes on them so if she kicks her oponent they will be imbaled. She stands at a tall 6"2 she is well built she is a very formidable opponent her light green skin is covered in scars from battle. She has long black hair and green eyes her face is often set into a hard expression.  She often uses metal claw like gloves with razor sharp points and edges that are attached to her hand and fingers but she also uses a large broad sword and a mace.

Personality: Adytha is very nobul and regal she takes her job as leader very seriously. Her plain is to unite the orc clans and stop the feuding and teach the other races to fear them and to give them respect that they deserve. She is very intellectual and thinks before acting. She isent afraid to deal out punishment if she is insulted or her orders arnt fallowed. She has a soft spot for children though it is a very strong weakness, she wont do anything that will put a child in danger. She is very protectiv and defensive of her friends and those she is closest to.

History: When she was a young girl she was happy and care free her father was king over the orcs and was training her to take over once he died. Being the only child of the king of the orc she had alot of responsibility to learn the ways of her people. One day while her father was out in the surounding village he was attacked and killed by mercinarys, at that time Adytha was 17 years old and well skilled in swordsmanship and battle strategy. She went looking for the mercinarys to take revenge for her father. When she found them she gave each of them slow painful deaths, but she was infected with a poision and soon colapsed. The village shamen though she would surely die but she pulled through showing extream strength. Two days after she was well she was crowned as the new orc queen. After she was crowned she was thrust into meeting after meeting on the war status and preperations . The orc clans were at war with each other and Delthora was on the the front lines. Adytha left that evining to the front lines to fight with her warriors and protect their home. In the middle of the fight she had taken many injuries one was on on her abdomen that  was bleeding profusely and was really deep but she continued on fighting. After a time dhe made her way to the other orc clan she asked him to surrender or she would kill him without hesitations.  He slung very sexist remarks at her and she attacked, fpr a while they were evenly mached in strangth but his stamina was low and he triped causing her to tackle him to the ground and finish him with a stab to the gut buy her claw like blades.


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