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Races available in Arkon Empty Races available in Arkon

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Human- Your Basic Race, most common in central plains of Arkon. They are strong, average height and common to serve in military. Humans are very much involved in world affairs and try to intervene in the world's issues. Some of them are cursed with Vampirism and they are constantly defending their land from invaders. Lady Jennifer Arkon is the High Queen and the Human race's leader.

Wood Elf- An Ancient and Noble Race. They are tall, skinny and usually have long blonde or red hair. They are very adept at stealth and ranged weapons such as bows. They have ancient cities in the south jungles where they intend to stay. They do not egg other nations to attack them, but have a very large military and will attack any invaders of their forests they do not deem friendly. Their leader is Lord Lor'themar Theron.

Dwarves- They are a race that literally evolved from stone. They are hard and short, being one of the strongest but not fastest races in their physique. They typically use hammers, guns, and axes, but aren't commonly found with magic or bows. They prefer to live underground in areas carved out by their ancestors. They live in the frosty northern mountians in lava filled, gold and stone lined cities. They prefer to stay very secluded and not trade, do business or even aid other races besides humans, and sometimes elves. This is because during the third Orc Wars and alliance of orcs, trolls, and goblins almost destroyed the dwarves capital city, was it not for Jorge and Jennifer Arkon and their elite army of humans. Their leader is King Hrothgar

Draconian- Draconians are a race created by the ancient dragons. According the faith of Arkon, 5 great dragon deities created the world and all of the races on it. The Draconians are belived to be the result of when a dragon and human mated. They are slightly taller than humans and are surprisingly not as strong. They are very skilled in magic, due to being directly related to dragons. They also mainly used pole-arms and shields when they do melee. They are one of the weaker nations military wise but are the smartest and most neutral. They live in the very windy western mountains that allow their leaders to fly. Due to no being directly related to dragons, only their leaders can fly for short periods of time in strong winds. They live in tribes on the moutain peaks and are lead by Chielf Gwen Goldheart

Orcs- Orcs are by far the most hostile race on Arkon. Their leaders crave power and blood above all else. They originated from a deevolvement of a dragon born race. They are taller than humans but not taller than draconians. They have the most strength of any race, almost losing out to the dwarves. They are built for combat and are highly skilled at what they do. They live in the south east lands which are burned and scared from their constant wars. The orcs are not very stable and have civil wars all the time. Most of them love to attack other races and try to claim their beautiful cities as their own. While most orcs love to kill, their are groups of orcs that are very spirtual and passive. They call upon their own shamanism which is one of the only forms of magic that does not call upon the dragons. On the other hand, their shamanism calls upon their ancestors and spirits of the world. Ever since the 3rd Orc War the race has been constantly fighting among themselves, instead of fighting for a claim at the High Throne. Their current leader is <to be decided>. If this leader is able to organize the orcs and get them into a fighting force again, they could really be a force to be reckoned with.

Vampire- The Vampire race is a sub race to the Humans. Meaning that they are not their own race and live among humans. The vampire sickness originates in the taint of dread lords mixed with human blood. The first vampires started during the First Invasion and their blood lust created more and more. They survive off sucking human blood out of their necks and not being in direct sunlight. They are typically very pale and look like just normal humans. They in reality are much stronger faster and violent than most humans. They use crossbows, daggers, and very efficient ways of stealth. They mostly are like normal humans accept for their abilities. They are shunned by humans and Lady Arkon has taken it upon herself to rid her people of the demonic corruption.

Drow Elf- They are a sub race of wood elves. The Drow elves are a group that have learned under the Draconians in the ways of magic. While the Draconian magic honors the dragons and asks for their aid, the drow elves demand of the dragon spirts and force them to lend them power. The Draconians eventually discovered their dark ways and removed them from their lessons. After years of mangling and disorienting the dragon spirts, the reckoning has come. The drow decided to use their power to create a beacon of hope and light for the world, where all mages may draw their power, but it failed. For this massive task 100 elves were put to the task of drawing as much power from the dragon spirts as they could. For a few minutes the beacon they had created was beautiful, and a 1000 elves came to bask in its glory. Then it changed. The well turned black and exploded causing all of the nearby elves to be tainted with the drow curse. The curse made their skin and hair become a dark black, and created a unfathomable hunger for magical powers. To this day drow elves hunt for magic and then use it in dark mysterious ways to destroy their enemies. They now have a much shorter lifespan and are weaker physically

Troll- The trolls are a very primal and tribal race. The believe in the tribe is the family and are often seen doing great deeds for their "brothers." They believe in their gods which to them are the Loas but in reality are dragons. The troll warriors commonly called upon the Loa of Death or Hirzoa to embue them with dark energies. They fight with incredible speed using either dual bladed swords, spears or bows. They prefer to stay out of world affairs but secretly have an alliance with the orcs due to their aid in securing their land. The trolls live south of the elves, on the coast of the great sea. They commonly fought wars with elves in the past but both now tend to stay on their sides of the wall that separates the forest from the beaches. There leader is <to be decided>

Goblins- Goblins are kind of a sub race to orcs. They live among them but have their own race/ culture. The Goblins were the original inhabitants of the orcs current land. They are very modern and are creating some of the first factories this world has ever seen. The Goblins were living in their land and decided to ally themselves with the orcs during the second Orc War. The Goblins are tricksters and always predict the winning team and side with them. And the orcs did win, for a time. By the time the 3rd war came around the orcs were kicked from their land and forced to share with the goblins. The Goblins saw the error of their choice as the orcs were destroying their industrial paradise. They live under the orcs to this day, although an uprising may occur. <to be decided>, a CEO of a top trading company is gathering goblins in secret to try and take back their old home. Many goblins are still curious which side to join. Whatever side their on, goblins are almost never seen on the front lines. Instead they are using guns or bombs or maybe even a laser ray. Either way a goblin will do anything for a profit.

Zombies- The Zombies of Arkon are mindless beasts born of a strong necromancer. That necromancer is the Undead Vampire Jorge Arkon. Jorge Arkon is the former high king and husband of current human leader Jennifer Arkon. Jorge met a cruel fate at the hands of a vampire. The vampire sucked all of his blood out which caused him to die a cruel and painful death. For an unknown reason, he woke up in the northern tundra as an undead vampire. He believed this to be a sign from the dragons that he was meant to be High King and would stop at nothing to get this role back. He wandered the tundra until he happened upon an enchanted blade trapped in a block of Ice. He freed the blade and it took away what was barely left of his soul. The blade now controlled him and gave him the ability to raise up the dead as zombies. He has complete control over these zombies and plans to unleash them on the world from his castle in the tundra. A player cannot be a zombie but they can control them if they take the blade away from Jorge

Dreadlords- The Dreadlords are beings sent upon by the demonic entity to lead the invasion on Arkon from the demon realm. At the start of the universe, the demonic enitity, who may or may not be a corrupted dragon, has set out to conquer the universe. using his massive amounts of power he created his own realm called the demon realm to stage his attacks from. He recruited the many mindless demons roaming the universe to his cause and began setting up an attack. Despite his best efforts, the entity could not control all the demons at once. To do this for him, he mixed up to 20 demons into one creature that could control all demons around them. The result was dreadlords. The dreadlords were a complete sucess, winning battle after battle for the entity. After falling back from the first invasion, no one has seen a dread lord or demon since. Dreadlords are still prime targets for demon hunters and are a symbol of triumph for one to die. A player may not play as a dreadlord until they are reintroduced to the story. Even after that only certain players may control them, and by extension, the demons

Half Elves- Halfelves are the result of when humans and elves mate and have children. They have a mixture of their appearances, being different to each case. They are not a very common race and are a subrace. They tend to be wanderers and don't stay too close to civilization. They can have a human or elf lifespan but it varies with each case. They are very versatile and can be almost every role. Half elf nobles are not common but do exist.

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