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Ekasin The Ranger (WIP) Empty Ekasin The Ranger (WIP)

Post by SeikanEkasin on Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:17 am

Name: Ekasin

Race: Wood Elf.

House: He is the last of his bloodline.

Age: 42

Love Interest/Crush: None Yet.

Role: Noble/Ranger/Demon Hunter

Height: 4ft, 8in. Being shorter helps him be more stealthy so he never minded it.

Appearance/ Clothes/ Equipment: Ekasin has never shown anyone the lower part of his face since the day he became a ranger. His rezone behind this is unknown though. Ekasin has Black hair, but also noticeable brown hairs, making it look like a blend between the two colors. Ekasin's eyes are jet black with random spots of blue, his retina as no blue in it and is a lighter shade of the jet black of his eyes.

Clothing- Ekasin wares a black robe that as a built in mask in the hood to hide Ekasins lower face. This mask is light enough to allow him to talk normally though. This robe is used to hide his weapons when he as to blend in with a crowd of people. He as a few different robes used for different things also. One of them are light black with blobs of green in them to match the trees.


Personality: Ekasin always does the actions he thinks will make the world a better place. His deepest hate are people who chose the path of the Demon though. He finds Demon like people as a waste to mankind, doing nothing good and only hurting. Ekasin try's to not kill younger people who become thief's because he sees it as a waste. He as even been know try and help show them how to make a living with the skills outside of stealing, and killing. There is a line where he stops forgiving them though and sadly as to kill them, he never had to do that yet though.

Ekasin likes messing with people every once and awhile as a joke. He

History: Ekasin was trained with the bow for most of his life starting to practice at 7. He started with basic stuff like learning how to take care of the bow from his father. His father and mother where both demon hunters and where proud of there son starting to follow in there foot steps. Ekasin was slow to grow up at first acting below his age at the age of 20. He was amazing at archer though and tamed his first pet Hawk after saving it's nest from another bird who tried killing her eggs. He named the Hawk, Rain, because of her strange fascination with going out on rainy days.

By the time Ekasin became 20 he was an amazing shoot better then some elf's who trained all for 20 more years then him. Ekasin was bad at everything ells rangers do though. He never learned how to be sneaky, nor how to sword fight the slightest, and barely could hold a dagger right, but instead of learning all that stuff he learned how to be a master archer first. When he was 20 he didn't act his age he was more like a 14 year old with the brain and smarts of a 20 year old. He was care free, and loved hearing stories. Ekasin got the rudest of waking calls half way though his 20th year though that made him grow up fast, and want to learn the skills he didn't know anything about yet. His parents went out to investigate a Drow Elf expected of plotting something evil. They done it countless times, but if only it was like the rest. It was far from any other time they had to stop a Drow Elf from going to far.

No one really knows what right so wrong for two Demon hunters to fall to a single Drow Elf, but Ekasin's parents where found with many stab wounds.

Fighting Skills:

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Ekasin The Ranger (WIP) Empty Re: Ekasin The Ranger (WIP)

Post by Jt on Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:40 pm

Alright, I know you aren't done, but that doesn't matter, I will look at what you have right now.

1. " Ekasin wants to make a elite group of rangers, but has not asked any of the leaders yet if they will support the idea of him training it. Once he gets the group going though Ekasin will even offer young criminals the chase to make a fair living." You can keep this, but maybe put it somewhere else like history.

2. "Ekasin will also take up jobs that most people won't, like low life thugs and thief's." Expand upon this a bit more. I don't know what you mean by just saying thugs and thiefs.

That's what I really got so far, unless you aren't done with the History. Because if you aren't, then there are huge holes to still be answered. But, I'm guessing you are.

Also, with personality, add some things he likes and that he doesn't like.


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