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Roles available in Arkon Empty Roles available in Arkon

Post by Kirito on Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:30 pm


(Note for Roles: If you do not want any of these and want what is described with your race, just let me know in your char bio. Just enter peasent or noble and specify)

Noble- Nobles are either born into power or have been given much wealth giving them the status. While most nobles have other roles that got them there. Those without those tend to be very proper and self confident. They prefer to stay away from combat and spend years perfecting their manners. Keep in mind, in a place like Arkon, lazy nobles don't go far. You can make former nobles, as long as it does not interfere with the lore. Only certain players (when I give a special ok) can make chars nobles right off the bat. Noble does not count as a role, only a bonus one, (exmaple: Noble/Crusader)

Peasant- Peasants are the common people of Arkon. They can be any other role besides noble. Any player unless told otherwise will start as a peasant. Like the noble role, it can be mixed with any other roles.

Berserker- Beserkers are very violent and tend to use axes, swords or even their fists. They are commonly found on the front lines of battle wielding a two handed weapon or their bare hands. They were heavy armor and are probably stronger than most roles physically.

Crusader- The crusader is a noble knight who dedicates their life serving the holy light. The holy light is a presence of power left behind by the dragon of life for the races to use. The crusaders are very selfless and noble and are typically found fighting the front lines and blessing those around them.

Ranger- The ranger are people who tend to stay in the forest. There are rangers who live in cities sometimes, like during wars where they need to fight, but most stay to the woods. Rangers tend to use bows and daggers to defeat their enemies from a distance. They also tame animals to fight with them and aid them in battle.

Mage- Mages are the type of individuals who learn everything they know from the dragons. Most races, except drow elves, call upon the dragons to vanquish foes by filling them with power. Most of the time they are quite fragile and tend to stay away from the front lines. They use staffs but mostly spells to burn, freeze, drown, suffocate, crush, shock and vaporize their opponents.

Demon Hunter- Demon Hunters are the world's best defense against demons. While it may be good for a crusader to bash a demon up the side of the head, demon hunters have spent their entire life training to use key points to eradicate demons. They tend to use all manner of weapons like swords, glaives and bows. Demon Hunters tend to use dark magic, stealth, and even sometimes adopting demonlike traits to kill the beasts. While demon hunters specialize in killing demons, they are very useful in a war. A player cannot start their char as a demon hunter. (with an exception in some cases). They need to train them from another hunter and have a reason to despise demons.

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