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Lady Jennifer Arkon (example char) Empty Lady Jennifer Arkon (example char)

Post by Kirito on Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:17 pm

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(Ignore the Gun)

Name: Lady Jennifer Arkon

Race: Human

House: House Arkon

Age: 28

Love Interest/Crush: Still hangs onto her undead husband, but is married to her new husband Lor'themar Theron

Role: Noble/Crusader/Demon Hunter (will be explained later)

Appearance/ Clothes/ Equipment: Jennifer is quite slim but very strong for her appearance due to the enchantments placed on her body for demon hunting. She has long black hair down to her shoulders and purplish black eyes. She is average human female height. She casually wears a black gown and golden crown to show her status as high queen of all Arkon. In battle she wears black leather armor created by the elves and given to her as a funeral present along with her glaives.

Lady Jennifer Arkon (example char) Tumblr_m8tdisZGJ51r3cbf4o1_500
(The Armor)

Speaking of her glaives, she uses two long war glaives given to her by the elves. They are imbued with dark energy and glow bright green when wielded by a demon hunter. She uses the glaives in a very fast paced and brutal fighting style.

Lady Jennifer Arkon (example char) 8425-Warglaive-Of-Azzinoth-Weapon-large
(The Glaives)

Personality: Jennifer is very strategic and intelligent, which is why she stayed in power for this long. She is very caring to her people and children but that changes in an instant when she deals with demons, vampires or any of her enemies. She is a fierce warrior, not stopping till her enemy is completely dead. She is very grateful to both the elves and dwarfs for aiding both her and her people in the 2nd and 3rd Orc wars. She will die in the name of her people, children and the possibility of getting her husband back. She has trained very hard and is barely scared of anything anymore.

History: Jennifer was born to the first high king, namely Arthas Arkon. She was born around the time of the 2nd Orc war but was too young to understand any of the events taking place. She was around 16 and serving as a crusader when the first invasion began. She fought bravely until she first hand saw the horror of the demons and dreadlords. She grew deathly afraid of them in addition to a fear she already had of vampires. Her father reassured her and she stayed inside hiding for most of the invasion. After the invasion she retook on her role as a crusader in the human military. It was there she met the prince Jorge, a fellow crusader. She and the prince a began dating and eventually married. Sadly, shortly after this event, Arthas died of old age. Due to the laws of the land, Jorge was now high king due to them marring before the death. Keep in mind, Jorge didn't marry Jenn for a place at the throne, because he found out she was the princess at the marriage itself. So with Jorge now the high king, he decided to no longer have humans hide in their plains, but go out and form relations with other nations. He especially succeeded in forming very strong relations with dwarfs, elves and draconians. Jennifer actually living with the elves for years, being taught about the world from ancient king Lor'themar Theron. After years of the orcs reign of power of the world, an alliance between human, elf, dwarf and draconian kind was formed to fight back the orcs, trolls, and goblins. This began the Third Orc Wars. Over the course of the war, Jorge and Jenn busted out their crusader gear and began kicking ass and taking names. Things seemed to be going well when one night an assassin vampire murdered Jorge before Jenn's very eyes. The vampire escaped and hasnt been seen since. Jenn took this very hard and began gaining darker thoughts. She still had a war to win and as High Queen, won the war by personally slaying the orc leaders and driving them back into goblin lands. The next week a large funeral was hosted for Jorge and by now Jenn had decided to put her fear of vampires and demons behind her by becoming a demon hunter. The elves aided her in this task by gifting her expertly crafted glaives and armor, and guiding her to an old demon hunter in the north (This was before Jorge's rise as undead king). She trained for two years and came back a fully fledged demon hunter. Note: she is still a crusader in the respect she calls upon the light to aid and heal her, but she now fights like a demon hunter.

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