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The Roughish Noble. Empty The Roughish Noble.

Post by Belac Izanagi on Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:35 pm

Name: Ali.


House: n/a

Age: 21

Love Interest/Crush: his last one sorta got offed, soooooo yahhhhh....nupe!

Role: former noble/Rouge.

Appearance/ Clothes/ Equipment: thish pic: The Roughish Noble. 2cqr

how he will look if he becomes a demon hunter, and takes on demonic traits: The Roughish Noble. Zvvg

medium muscle, normal human male height, and that sexy Spanish accent....don't know why girls like it so much but hey, they like it.

Daggers, used for thowing.
Daggers, used for shanking noobs XD: The Roughish Noble. Scottish_claymore_dagger_540
Bow, for shooting from long range: The Roughish Noble. Img-thing?
Rapier, favored weapon: The Roughish Noble. 06-273
"Flared Rapier", a Rapier made to break swords: this one but more comb/brush like: The Roughish Noble. 06-273

Personality: Ali is a very nice anc caring person, and mostly open, except for when you bring up his family, prefering not to talk about them. He is very much so currently obsessed with finding a way to become a demon hunter so he can take back his land and avenge his family, and so takes this job seriously.

History: Born a prince of a far off land, Ali had a normal life.... that was till his cousin decided HE should rule the throne rather than the main family. He preformed some right, that gave him a squad of demons, 15 in total. Despite being only 15, they easily squashed the armies of Ali's father, and killed all of the main family, Ali only escaping cause of his cousin not making sure he was dead. He was taken in and hidden by a rouge, who raised him in the way of the thief. Despite being a noble, do to recent events, he has been forced to steal or even beg for money. He often trains in combat, prefering his rapier, due to having already been taught how to use it by his dad. He had eventually heard of the woman Queen Arkon, the Demon Hunter. He now goes to the shores of the trolls, looking to meet the Queen and, if he has to, BEG to be trained in the Demon Hunter abilities.

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