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Timeline of Arkon Empty Timeline of Arkon

Post by Kirito on Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:31 pm

Arkon Event Timeline

1.) Dragons come and shape the earth and early races.

2.) Races cement there homelands with early tribes and cities

3.) The First Elf and Troll war begins over border dispute

4.) Elves win

5.) The Orcs rally the trolls to suprise attack the draconians

6.) Attack Happens and Dwarfs and Humans come to their aid.

7.) First Orc war begins and spans many years

8.) Draconians Humans and Dwarves win

9.) To Prevent another Orc War, the first high king, Arthas Arkon is put in charge

10.) Peace Reigns

11.) Orcs grow relestless from their failures and attack the elven cities.

12.) Trolls and Goblins Join the orcs and almost destroy the elven capital of Sunwell

13.) Humans and Dwarved aid the elves to push them back.

14.) While they saved the elven homelands the orcs, goblins, and trolls all gain great increases in land, ending the Second Orc wars

15.) The first invasion of demons occurs.

16.) All of the races work together to drive them back into the portal, and they even manage to kill a dreadlord

17.) No one has seen demons since

18.) Jorge Arkon comes into power after the death of Arthas

19.) Elves Dwarves Humans and Draconians form an alliance

20.) Third Orc War begins, Jorge falls

21.) Jenn Arkon comes into power, wins the war, forcing orcs to stay in goblin lands

22.) Jorge Arkon is revived as a lich where he will lay dormant

23.) Modern Day...

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