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Post by Jt on Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:23 pm

Okay, I just want to say these things to make them clear.

1. Standard Rp rules. Don't be too powerful. Don't Mary Sue them. Don't make them invincible and that they can't be attacked. Don't make them know everything, or anything you know. Example is that if person A's character has dead parents, person B's character can NOT know, unless person B's character's history deals with person A's character.

2. Characters have to be characters. Now, I understand if you really don't know where to go with a character and decide to develop them in a Rp. But, don't make them really generic personality or history wise. That being said, Don't make your all of your characters have tragic histories. They can have some, but don't make every single one have horrible parents that beat them and then they died and all of that stuff.

3. Be descriptive with Appearance. No one wants to read 2 sentences describing your character. And don't say they are beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholders, and saying they are beautiful can mean anything.

4. Give a clear history. Saying that they don't like to talk about it is NOT good enough. And if they did bad stuff that may offended people, don't say it.


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